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Climbing Over Mind Obstacles

Everyday life is a trip, often unexpected and extraordinary, it can also become like a huge rock wall of obstacles requiring strength, determination and intellect to overcome everything rolling downhill. "There is nothing I cannot overcome," is truly one of the best statements that any of us can confidently state during moments of adversity, something I am proud to believe in and to trust during my own personal struggles. It has taken me 45 years to wrap my head and heart around this human experience, something I thoroughly enjoy continuing to learn and experience with every trip around the sun that I take.

Many of us have the incredible ability to compartmentalize those things that pain us, discourage and distract us, but what if you had the ability to jump on those intimidating rock walls, metaphorically speaking, and prevent yourself from feeling intimidated by those daunting obstacles, people and circumstances that create unnecessary disabilities, pain and fear? What if you felt the strength to stand in who you truly are, to stand for what you deeply desire and to honor the most important pieces of yourself and your loved ones instead of silencing yourself from being open and honest about what you truly think and feel? What if you could jump on that wall and climb over the hump that disables you every single time you're challenged, without hesitation... Would you choose to do so?

In this life, at some point, you will realize that you aren't for everyone. You will at some point have the reality check that not everyone will agree with you, see things your way or even empathize with those things you value, but the important thing to remember during those times of disconnect is that by staying true to you, you maintain your sanity, you attract those things and people that DO align on the same or higher levels of ethos with you. Those are the things and people that matter the most because those are the things and people that contribute to YOUR best life experience(s). Why are you wasting time thinking and consuming yourself with things and people that could care less about what you deeply desire when you could be living your best life with those who adore and appreciate you with the same reciprocity that you share with them?

Over the years, I've had some pretty deep and intimate conversations with many of you regarding life, relationships, career, family and friendships that have unraveled at the seams for one reason or another. Tears have been shed, fury has been expressed, compassion has been shared and in the end we have aligned in meaningful ways that seem to soothe the soul. These are the moments I cherish the most and why I've shifted gears to build a platform where all of you have a safe space to release your deepest darkest divisions in order to open yourselves up to the best pieces of yourself so that when we don't have time or space to sit together to replenish our body, mind and soul, we still have the opportunity to thrive and shine from the inside out.

I invite you to meet me in the middle, to see what I have to offer you. I invite you to take this psychology journey with me because your happiness means something to me. Your happiness means so much to so many of your own loved ones; it's a gift that continues to give. As I build on this vision to create a successful wellness curriculum, experience and urban development projects that blossom into overall community wellness; these food and housing communities are important to me and our global communities as a whole for many obvious reasons.

Everything I do to climb these rock walls on a daily basis may seem small now, but there is a reason I'm starting one person at a time; each one of you continue to give to your loved ones and the world around you. Everything that you take from what I offer, you continue to give and to inspire the world around you. THAT is the point of my work, to give to you so you can continue to give to others so that they too continue to provide for their loved ones with the same willingness and inspiration. "Climb, celebrate, shine and thrive friends, it matters."

Much love,

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