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The Power of Not Reacting

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

"Treat others the way you wish to be treated and respected." Not reacting has the ability to provide us with the time we need to embrace the reality of circumstances, to reflect on other people's behavior, to assess the impact of external stimulus on our personal boundaries and to embrace the value of our personal thoughts & feelings while also enabling us to wrap our heads around those things taking place. Unfortunately, not reacting also allows the reality of displeasing behavior and situations to continue to transpire and or continue to take place simultaneously, depending on the situation. People often mistake kindness for weakness and calmness for a free pass to continue behaving poorly in many cases.

There is a fine line between light and dark, good and evil, just like there is a fine balance between not reacting and being honest with self. Self-love and self-worth should always be two of the most important ingredients included within a person's masterful creation of their own life in my opinion, but that's just me. Practicing mindfulness and clear communication of thoughts and feelings is great, when the person you're communicating with is on the same page and has done their own mindful communication and wellness work; enabling them with the ability to sincerely place themselves within the shoes of other people or to place themselves in the same position(s). However, if and when we are faced with dealing with strangers, associates, or those loved ones with unresolved trauma or personal issues, those selfish individuals who have little compassion for other people's feelings, those individuals who are emotionally unavailable, narcissistic, those who cannot or will not acknowledge their behavior, it is very challenging to not react over time. This is when facing the music and getting authentic with self comes into play.

Taking the time to work with the ones we care about has boundaries and time limits, again, my personal opinion. Walking away from disappointing situations that never seem to shift or people that we deeply love in order to allow them to be what they truly are, who they want and wish to be in life does not always feel good immediately. However, knowing & honoring self is essential for healthy happiness and growth to flourish as individuals. Clearing out those things and people who do not balance us equally, allows us the opportunity to make space for things and people who do align with who we are as individuals. Another beautiful feature of staying true to self is allowing different relationships with people that we love to evolve & transpire. "Right time. Right place. Right person." Just because people walk away from displeasing things and people doesn't mean forever. Sometimes things and people just aren't meant to be. That doesn't necessarily mean forever, it doesn't mean we have to loathe them and completely write them off. We just learn to accept them for who and what they are. That helps create healthy perception, mojo & joy in other capacities.

"I am not here to change anyone, nor will I love anything in life based on potential," two personal mantras that I religiously follow. People are who they are. We either align with others or we don't. Love and release with well wishes. People tend to settle for less than their worth & value every day based on attraction, financial security, "love," and a long list of multiple other things that often result in years-worth of misery and disappointment. Sometimes, time and space is exactly what people need to open their eyes. Sometimes falling flat on our faces or losing valuable things and people is the wakeup call for people to truly see. Rock bottom can either make or break a person, it is up to them to pave their own path.

Things and people serve great purpose from the day we are born until the day we pass onto our next great journey. We weave in and out of each other's lives every single day, some people leave a lasting impression, while others are forgotten. Trust in your journey. Stay true to self. Pay attention to detail. Honor and respect self #1 and pass that love, honor and respect onto the ones you love, "You get what you give." React and respond in ways that pave the path towards what you deeply desire, see who meets you in the middle. Life is full of celebration, joy, happiness and support, but we have to see it. We have to create it by first being honest with ourselves and designing the floor plan of our deepest desires and then reacting and responding to life accordingly. Make wise choices.

"Have a beautiful day."


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