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"Give because you can and because it feels good.  Regardless of how you choose to provide joy, relief, comfort or safety for something or someone outside of yourself, it all matters, "What goes around comes around." Poor mental wellness and behavioral patterns often result in destructive situations and suffering for a great many things and people on planet earth, "Out of sight, out of mind," does not eliminate reality from existing."  Even if all you can do is share information for others to see, it all matters. It only takes one person to make a difference in the lives of others.


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Alejandrina Quintana

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"Find an Animal in Need and Donate to their Wishlist."

I am a huge advocate for animal abuse facilities because hurt people tend to hurt others and it's up to those of us who care to support those who cannot speak for themselves.  CUDDLY is one of my favorite animal advocacy groups helping to support some of the worst cases of animal neglect and abuse, they and the treatment facilities they support, handling these precious critters, deserve all of the support and encouragement possible. Please consider becoming an advocate yourself, in whatever capacity you can to help contribute to an absolutely worthwhile cause.  It genuinely matters in such a huge way.

Donate to a rescue animal's wishlist | CUDDLY

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Our 24-Hour Helpline is (575) 758-9888, please call if you or someone you love needs help. If you think you are in immediate danger, call 911.

CAV is a remarkable organization to support financially and or volunteer with.  Not only is the entire CAV team wonderful to work with on every level, but the individual programs, services and facilities they run are pleasant, professional and safe.  Authenticity and heart are two of the main ingredients of the CAV ethos.  

Su abusador puede seguir qué páginas web lee. Para estar segura, vaya a una computadora que su abusador no sabe dónde estará, como la computadora de una amiga o en la biblioteca.

Las 24 horas línea es (575) 758-9888, por favor llame si usted o alguien que usted ama necesita ayuda. Hablamos español y aceptamos llamadas por cobrar. Si estás en peligro inmediatamente, llame al 911.

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Community Against Violence


Stray Hearts Animal Shelter


With local animal shelters at maximum capacity in multiple cities around the world, not receiving adequate financial assistance and or support, taking the time to financially lend a hand to these shelters to help them spay/neuter/provide shots & necessary treatments and or donate quality food, helps alleviate the mental and emotional stress that these loving facilities and caregivers struggle to provide.  Extend your compassion even further and volunteer to foster some of these remarkably sweet animals, such acts of kindness are just some of the absolute most generous things you can immediately do to make a difference in your community. 


Not only do acts of kindness improve your own positive dopamine and serotonin releases, but such kindness has the capacity to also rehabilitate the minds of those who have been abused in significant ways.  "Share trust, give the gift that continues to give."  Stray Hearts offers hope to great people and to an entire community of struggling animals.

Stray Hearts Animal Shelter

Taos Land Trust


Taos Land Trust is a thirty-year old non-profit that empowers people to protect the land and traditions they love through education, advocacy, and conservation.

To literally break bread with incredible people that nurture, support, inspire, educate, protect and consistently strive to preserve and troubleshoot the resources that provide for our beloved Taos, New Mexico community in such extraordinary ways, is a priceless experience. 


Please explore the value of what we locals deeply appreciate here in the high desert.  Consider volunteering for one of many TLT projects or making a financial donation to help contribute to projects such as those working to preserve and restore our historic acequia irrigation systems, condition and work land for agricultural purposes and those projects created to protect local ecosystems.


homepage : Taos Land Trust

Climate Reality Project

"There is no Planet B."  This is something I've considered since I was in elementary school.  Learning about Earth Day and the value of synchronized planetary balance, ecosystems and our food system has been important to me since I was a child.  While I was in college, studying business, biology and environmental science, I remember coming home in tears learning about the reality of what was taking place with topics such as the current decline of the Ogallala Aquifer, North America's largest fresh water aquifer.  Thinking there was nothing my little self could do to make a significant difference in this enormous world, my fear was not being capable of prolonging my chances of reaching my golden years based on climate change and the rapid decline of water, soil and quality food sources.  In 2016, when the following TED talk originally aired, more stats on currently transpiring issues made headlines.


The importance of paying attention to detail, researching what is currently taking place around the planet, acknowledging more aggressive storms, the extinction of numerous animal species, human mortality rates increasing due to starvation, raging fires and the all time highs and lows of international temperatures, continue to inspire me to do the work; to do my part to contribute to my global community, regardless of how small or large the contribution.  My mother once told me, "Sweetheart, always remember that you and one million other people feel the exact same way.  If you and those million other people suddenly give up, stop contributing or caring, that's one million and one people who automatically stop making a difference in the world."  I've never forgotten or stopped caring based on that one single conversation.

As a passionate gardener and nurturer of food and life, I am passionate about earth; soil and Mother Earth.  Knowing that North America and the world around us is running out of the very resource that we all depend on to survive as Homo sapiens and living creatures, the one thing necessary to produce food, products and nearly everything living on planet earth, it is up to all of us to continue educating and inspiring others to wake up and smell the coffee before it literally is too late to reverse what is taking place everywhere around the world.  It doesn't matter where you're from, what religion or political party you prefer to align with, the color of your skin matters none, whether you have 2 legs or more, having clean water, air and food is essential for all of us, without it we disappear into history.  Please take the time to align with those things that allow you the opportunity to actually GET to watch your children grow old, it really does matter. NOW.  However you choose.

Abounded Kids Rescue

Abounded kids Rescue Initiative is a non-profit organization registered with Uganda Registration Service Bureau and National Bureau for NGO, Uganda Registration Services Bureau that mandated to serve humanity without discrimination collect and allocate donations and allocate to the people supported to receive it. The organization was formed in 2021 and was formed by Nakakeeto Phaziirah. The organization with followers works in the areas of supporting children through providing them with food, shelter (rent, mortgage and utilities, clothing, medical assistance and education by providing bursaries, sponsorship and basic scholastic materials. The organization also help women through empowering them, skills training, HIV counselling & guidance among others and also voluntary work. The organization target vulnerable people who include orphans, disabled, widows and elderly.

Abounded kids Rescue Initiative – Your Heart, Your Cent, Their Hope, Their Future