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The Four Agreements

Being mindful is a choice, you either care to exist in mindful ways or you do not. I was late to the race and read this phenomenal book when I was 21, I wish I would've read it when I was in high school. To be impeccable with our word is one of the most important gifts we can give ourselves and others, but it can also be challenging to remain consistent with while dealing with everyday life, people and circumstances. Be gentle and intentional with yourselves.

This is an incredible read or listen if you are unfamiliar or need a refresher. Although this is only the 1st Agreement, please do grab The Four Agreements and take some quality time to nurture yourself when you have some time. It's worth it. #thefourAgreements #themindmechanic #alejandrinaquintana #themindmechanicsermons #trust #jfdlovescomposition

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