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New Year. New Flavor.

Almost two weeks into January, we're already halfway through the first month of 2023. It only gets faster over time. As we continue to fill our lives with things and experiences that hopefully mean something to each of us this year, be sure those things and experiences are exactly what you want and need; that the juice is worth the squeeze. Otherwise, it could be a huge disappointment, a complete waste of time, money and energy.

After years of placing this popular design on hold while the planet shut down and prepared for complete zombie takeovers, I decided to stock up on little surprises for this new and exciting year. What types of surprises you ask? First, the 2023 Limited Edition Cachelet Body Wallet by JunkyFunk Designs are complete. I am uploading and editing the shop as you continue to scroll. I've also decided to release my Cachelet Body Wallet sewing pattern for sale. "Those brave creatives who wish to take on my favorite functional accessory design and incorporate personal flare into their own designs, now have the opportunity to do so." RAD.

Second, this entire website is getting a facelift. "Beautiful libra, how you love to rearrange the furniture." #thementaltoybox is finally coming together, along with a few other little surprises that I'm really excited about incorporating into this site; to include more tools being added to the mental toybox for referencing and usage purposes. There will be added one-on-one session work available, pleasing events to participate in, things to buy, and projects to become aligned with, all while creating entertaining learning and happiness spaces.

Stay tuned, friends. This is all about to get really interesting & fun.


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