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#Love & #Forgiveness : Day 2

#Peacefulmind begins within. Let today's entry be a loving reminder that sometimes we must step outside of ourselves to place ourselves in other people's shoes; to authentically try to understand what may be taking place within the hearts and minds of other people, why they do and say what they do. It's important to stop thinking of ourselves just as much as we consider ourselves; to stop making everything solely about just our own selfish wants and needs. Constantly blaming people, ridiculing and judging others based on pure self assumption, personal pain and negative internal dialogue, is extremely toxic and damaging. Assumptions based on #insecurity, #resentment, #hurt, personal issues, baggage or the knowing that someone is correct in what they say or decisions they stand firm with, that we're not ready or prepared to #cope with or deal with, can be challenging to swallow in any case, for anyone.

When we shut down, #assume or build walls around ourselves due to things like #fear, #defensiveness, poor #copingmechanisms and or an inability to swallow pride, things like division and disconnection take place. #Relationships are lost, people stop listening, avoid and deflect instead of standing in #integrity, strength and the #confidence to believe in the power of #LOVE and overcoming division. Please trust in love. Please #listen to those who are working to meet you in the middle, those working to address obvious issues, those who speak #truth, even when truth is not what we always wish to hear. We all need to be willing to bend as well, regardless of what side of the conversation you're on, there are always two sides to every coin; there will always be more than one way to peel a banana. Sometimes we overcome diversity, but sometimes walking away and giving thanks for what no longer serves us is necessary as well.

Instead of taking things personally, own what requires ownership, make necessary shifts and stand confident in knowing who you truly are; taking things personally isn't necessary. "Suck it up and drive on." Listen to those requests and suggestions that your loved ones offer and offer your own requests and suggestions to those you love. #Speak with honor and honesty, let your guard down, lovingly #embrace those who are as human as you are. Be humble. We all process life and circumstances differently. We all need time to process difficult situations and conversations, please strive to express the way things feel with respect, blunt as you may be. When people directly point fingers, make assumptions based on nothing other than hurt, history and negative #internaldialogue, placing others in compromised positions, #judging, #blaming, giving ultimatums and ripping people they, "love," apart, defensive reactions and responses are almost guaranteed. This is very different than stating observations, please pay attention to the difference. Please stop assuming the worst of people you love. Stop and think prior to speaking. Take the time to clarify, to create understanding and ALWAYS apologize where apologies are due.

Tid-bit of Goodness : I'm a writer, when I need to compose myself, to express something I'm feeling, I've learned that personally reading what I've written to someone is essential because sadly, people often misinterpret composition. Tone, facial expressions, voice inflection are all valuable for people to truly comprehend what is being communicated. When people read written composition, it's easy to misinterpret the true nature of what has been written. Thinking prior to speaking is essential as well. Take the time to consider what you're saying and always be ready to clarify anything communicated, written or verbally. Speak your truth, stand in your core integrity and happiness, honor others the way you wish to be honored and embrace all of this greatness that surrounds you. Shine on friends.

Much love.

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