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Life's What You Make It

Every now and again, as any typical music lover, certain songs enter my mind and they just kind of sit inside and linger for a time. For some reason, this one has been lingering for a bit, I'm never disappointment either. Life is indeed what we make it, that in and of itself feels wonderful on so many levels.

When you're just relaxing, do you ever just smile and think, "Life is so rich. My life is so dang good." If not, I want to know why not? Why, when you think about your day or days, why you're not excited for tomorrow. If joy greets you every morning with a smile, that's fantastic. If you're far from feeling satisfying pleasure, day in and day out, I want to know why and why that reality regularly exists for you? If you're aware, are you actively shifting it, or does it linger, day after day?

How close to happiness are you, truly? I ask, because I love joy.

I love the balance between dark and light, good and bad, positive vs. negative, the yin & yang of life. Synchronized balance is a wonderful head space and reality to exist within. Creating and attracting what we deeply desire is a must.


Talk soon.

Much love,

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