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Evolution of Love

The deep and authentic power of #love has the ability to either #inspire or destroy us as humans due to the intense experience(s) that each of us feel when we enter into certain circumstances and the nature of loving others and things with such vigor. What we think and feel are powerful tools for our everyday #evolution to either aid in our ability to #flourish or fail as individuals; especially when we do not have a tight grasp on the ride we often find ourselves on. Some of you have inquired as to what inspired me to shift gears and to completely transition my career focus towards my passion for #psychology in the past couple of years and the answer is simple, "Love."

Having #selflove and self awareness are two things I'm proud to possess, these two essential tools have served me well for many years and as I continue to learn, research, live and experience life through the eyes of this custom designed flesh garment, I continue to feel humbled, #grateful and inspired. There are no words to truly describe how this life experience impacts each of us during our short time here on earth, but investing the time to truly understand ourselves and our role here on this extraordinary planet is great because who we are directly influences our experience in this physical body.

Who are you right now? I ask this question of friends, family and clients often. "Who are you actively being right now and are you pleased with your reality? Are you 100% pleased with yourself? How does it feel to be you?" Are you behaving in ways that support and nurture yourself and your loved ones in ways that feed your ability to grow together in healthy ways? Are you consistently honest with yourself about the role you play in your relationships and how your behavior, internal dialogue, reactions and responses currently impact your own self talk and your most valued relationships as we speak?

As we round the corner of 2021 and shift gears into a fresh, new and amazing 2022, it's time to take the bull by the horns and to get very real about what we deeply desire. What are we willing to invest in and willing to release, what are we actively creating for ourselves and others as this new global experience of healthy growth and awareness is unfolding moment by precious moment. Who and what do you value, what do those relationships look like in 10 years?

What we do now, matters. Our behavior and decisions matter in critical ways, not only to ourselves to prevent depression, anxiety, physical & mental illness within ourselves, but also to inspire healthy evolution. The way we impact and influence those chemical reactions within ourselves and the world around us matters. Mother earth, our animal kingdom, our children and our individual souls count on our ability to love in intelligent and selfless ways. There is no better time than the present to nurture "the little things," which in actual reality, are the most significant and often the most powerful things that we can gift ourselves and this miraculous existence that we have been blessed with. "WE create our reality, it takes a strong and wise tribe to blossom together."

Much love,

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