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The-Mind-Mechanic : Manifestation

What we want and need is not always the same as what we have or constantly attract. Are you deeply satisfied with those things you regularly attract? Do you ever wonder why things positively or negatively seem to surface in your world? Let's begin by first asking, "How do you regularly feel?" Attitude and perspective influences everything, the domino effect is very real. If you tend to view everything in a glass half-empty mentality, instead of half-full, that is exactly what you will regularly attract.

When life hands us lemons, perspective is everything. How things play out truly depends on us regardless of whether we wish to believe it or not. "Life is but a dream, make it count." We can change the experience of most all things in this life based on perspective, that doesn't mean it's easy or instant, it just means all things are possible with effort and the willingness to shift and bend.

Much love,

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