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The-Mind-Mechanic 2023

We're down to the wire, everyone. 2022 is coming to an end, the countdown has begun. Everything we've absorbed and accomplished in the past 12 months is at our disposal, now what? First off, I think we all deserve a huge pat on the back for making it this far, especially if we're still smiling and shining with the best of them. Seriously, give yourself a hand. Second, the possibilities for this next year are limitless. Many of us will grow & thrive in the coming year, huge opportunities will present themselves and adventures to plan and play will be abundant; things to do, places to go and people to see. "Complete life transformations." On the other hand, many of us will take on the most challenging year of our life due to unforeseen circumstances rolling over from 2022. Regardless of which end of the spectrum we all find ourselves, we're all here together.

That's huge.

As I rip this entire site apart, build and shoot product, create content and work to build the largest community-based project I've ever personally taken on, maintaining balance is key. Soon, #thementaltoybox will come to life and so will you. As I build this fantastic mind park, happiness, health and connection are three of the key ingredients that will bring everything to life. Eco-friendly functional lifestyle accessories are just one very small piece of the pie, a dream so lovingly thought up 14 years ago. Feel-good exercises, PPV (pay per view) content and happy reminders will be available for your selection process.

Once you've spent ample time playing in the fun house, feeling yourself out, and realizing that you're just as mad as the rest of us, perhaps taking the next step to get raw and real with yourself about what's really going on, will feel good and you'll advance to do more one-on-one work with the-mind-mechanic content and / or session work. Consider also the possibility of content creation collaboration for use in The Mental Toybox to help others by association. Maintaining life's magnificence requires skill and support on all levels, something I'm honored to help nurture. "I create space for happiness to happen."

Stay Tuned! There's a lot of magic taking place as we speak. We have 3 more days to complete everything we wish to release with 2022 and 4 more days until seeds begin to blossom and the garden blows up with everything good and great. Let's do this, I'm beyond grateful.

Much love, Alejandrina


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