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Owning Personal Behavior

When I step into the shoes of my clients, I can feel their personal experiences. When I dive deep into the situations of real life and the circumstances shared by multiple people around the world, this work becomes more clear each and every day.

Everyday people, doing everyday things, deal with everyday situations that involve everyday emotion. If conflict and decline are something regularly taking place within the relationships that you hold dear, perhaps it's time to self-reflect. Are you creating poor behavior or are you dealing with it? Are you contributing to the decline(s) within your relationships due to your reactions and responses to others or perhaps someone else's poor behavior? Are you enabling someone to treat you poorly by doing and saying nothing? Are you treating people poorly because of the skeletons within your closet or due to the disappointment you feel within your own life? These are all examples of good questions to ask yourself as you decide whether or not you're ready to get real with yourself about the quality of life you live and the relationships you actively align with on a regular basis.

If people desire positive change within their lives and relationships, getting raw & real within themselves first is a huge contributing factor, having gratitude is a great close 2nd. Be kind, respectful, stay in your own lane and trust in other people's ability and intelligence. Have compassion. The less you trust and have faith in other people, the less likely they will want to do thoughtful things for you. The more you lie, deceive and manipulate for selfish purposes, the less likely someone will trust you. The less likely you are to apologize, the less likely people will respect you. Be honest, emotionally available, allow yourself to feel everything so you can experience everything.

"Owning our behavior and respecting other people builds bridges to cross together."

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