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Mind Mechanics : Fluidity

What does the term #fluidity mean to you? Have you ever tried to apply this #graceful concept to your relationships and or self-love thinking? Throughout the day, while transitioning through everyday routines, I actively make time for things that I deeply enjoy, things that fill my internal dialogue and emotional reservoir with pleasure-driven experiences to recharge my internal supply for the day's #journey. This way, whatever comes my way, feels a little less #daunting , #stressful and or potentially #overwhelming . Have you ever considered your ability to create fluidity and abundant pleasure in your daily life? Meaning, do you make time to stop and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you? Do you allow yourself the opportunity to check out of the left side of the brain from time to time, to stop analyzing and instead check into the right side of your brain just to enjoy the experience of staying present to pure observation; no thinking, just feeling? Do you take time to actually FEEL how good it feels to, "notice," the beauty that exists around you? If the answer is yes, then you understand where I'm going with this.

#Happiness . The art of feeling and #sharing authentic happiness, means to willingly accept, understand and to receive the benefit of the #emotion associated with the experience, to WANT to feel that particular experience and to be #inspired to generate more of the same experience within and among others, instead of avoiding it all together. Happiness is relative, everything about it differs from person to person. Understanding how fluidity and pleasure correlate with the importance of constant adaptability in life, is an essential tool to carry within our #mentaltoolbox es at all times. "We don't know what we don't know." If you've ever actually watched the seemingly #seamless aspects of #nature and the #synchronized #movement of #water , you will probably agree that the continuous #flow of a #river is rather #graceful ; even at it's most savage stages. Somehow, a river always #aligns perfectly and completely in sync, even after the most treacherous of #obstacles and falls.

#Pleasure and happiness are relative in my opinion. #Light , #dark , good, bad, positive or negative, #blue or #green , everyone has their preferential take on what is pleasing and displeasing to them. People are free to choose healthy or unhealthy "pleasure," after all, it is their choice. Creating fluidity and #healthy happiness among those willing individuals who want to feel the benefit(s) of true happiness, is generally a #breeze . These individuals are ready and raring to go. Instead of #selfsoothing or feeding #superficial happiness that fades away over time, these individuals make the decision and effort to invest in the most effective and pleasurable routes for their short-term journey on this globe. #Gratitude , #support , #kindness , #patience , #understanding , #vulnerability , #simplicity and #authenticity are a few of the beneficial things these individuals choose to add to their own fluidity toolbox. Things that are pure and real, fathomable and #inspiring to them.

Although everyone's perception and preferences differ regarding the experience of #joy , people who value their ability to both recognize and to sustain their own personal happiness, tend to pay attention to #detail , they also tend to #discipline themselves in particular ways that connect them directly with their own unique pleasure #recipes or #routines ; this allows them access to happiness whenever they want and need it. Take a moment to observe the fluidity of nature today, feel the emotion behind your nature #observations , then decide which experiences were your favorite. Repeat. Get familiar with regularly feeding your own #organic pleasure centers. Begin to realize how fluidly pleasure #manifests when we invest in those things and people that generate genuine pleasure and happiness within us and around us. "By feeding our individual happiness and pleasure centers, we create synchronized joy all around us." Thank you for reading.

Much love,

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