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Totally Worth It

We often dive into things and people that are seemingly, "Worth it," throughout our lifetime. We trust, we build, we invest and we believe in these experiences for a lifetime or a season. These things and people regularly flow in and out of our lives like water in a canal; sometimes they come with lifelong memories and moments, while at other times they fade away like morning fog. When people enter into convincing spaces that slowly unravel at the seams, those impressive desirables often become more like severed arteries; everything that once felt rich and abundant becomes depleted and hollow. So where do we go once the day dreams and wishes become exit strategies and c'est la vies?

After months and years of struggling to make things work with people who do not show up for us with equal reciprocity, when selfish personal interests and ego constantly takes precedence over thoughtful consideration, we must ask ourselves, "Why do we care?" I work with people regularly who share stories of how their deep-rooted unresolved issues and self-soothing behaviors deplete even the richest of relationships day after day. I watch as narcissistic arrogance repeatedly fills it's own cup time after time, while those who fall enchanted to someone's intoxicating charm, end up laying down like doormats hoping that one day it will be different; that perhaps maybe the vain will learn how to step outside of themselves or become positively inspired by love; that one day they will no longer be left out in the rain, but instead become valuable and significant like they were in the beginning. They won't. "Ego loves itself #1 always."

What do you deem, "Worthy?" Is it family, career, financial security, multiple properties, travel, love, companionship, solitude, the outdoors or health? What do you find deep meaning in? Where do you find your personal joy? What lights you up on the inside? If stepping into the shadow of someone else is where you regularly find yourself, waiting for someone to care about your feelings or to show up in authentic meaningful ways, ask yourself why you continue to wait in the dark? Are you happy? Do you feel appreciated, acknowledged, seen, heard and respected? If the answer is no, ask yourself why this is the role you've chosen for yourself. Why, is NOT feeling inspired, happy, healthy and supported something you embrace in your everyday life?

I tell people every day, "If someone or something is worth it to you, fight for it." As long as you know that the fight for alignment within the relationship is reciprocated, that those people you invest time and energy into are sincerely interested, that they are listening, they hear you and strive to meet you in the middle and that the value of the relationship outweighs the heaviness, the chances of a successful relationship thriving are high and can be exceptionally rewarding. If there is only one person putting in the work, perhaps it's time to move on, release and let go. All people have stuff to work through, things they strive to better understand. It's important to understand whether the relationship(s) you hold are meaningful to you, whether taking the time to authentically understand one another is valuable enough to hold onto, if not, let go and don't look back. "Keep going. What lies ahead is manifesting incredible experiences based on your own self-awareness and acknowledgment of self-worth and personal happiness. We get to choose this for ourselves."

Be the best and most inspired version of yourself as often as possible, "It's totally worth it."

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