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The Why Behind You

Why do you do what you do? Why do you value what you value and perceive things the way you do? When you actively make decisions is it because you choose to make those decisions or because someone else or something else motivates you to move in the directions you move? Once you execute your actions do you consistently feel solid about your choices or are you filled with regret, or deep peace? Who the hell are you really? Deep within your heart of hearts, do you know?

"When you know, you know." One day you might just wake up and think to yourself, "Bloody hell, I actually know exactly who I am, what my purpose is and what truly inspires my joy." That's when everything begins to make complete sense and life becomes crystal clear. If you're not quite there, ask yourself why. Would you like to know? What are you afraid of? What seems to be standing between you and your true sense of self? I would love the opportunity to help light your path, if you allow me the opportunity to do so.

"Better late than never," I always say, why? Because shit happens. After 44 years of absorbing this crazy life, I'm still taking it all in and working to figure out what in the world is happening everywhere, with everyone. What it all boils down to, is actively taking responsibility for ourselves, executing those endeavors that lay the groundwork for our authentic quality of life to transpire and taking the time to consistently educate ourselves in the absolute best ways possible to progressively evolve with each passing day. "We humans have the ability to create whatever reality we wish for based on the divine intelligence we possess, the internal dialogue we regularly adhere to and the actions we invest our time into."

When you're on track, producing at high levels, are regularly experiencing joy and internal peace, those are all great indicators that you're on your A-game and that you should carry on in that direction. If this is NOT your reality, perhaps you need a tune up and a quick chin check. That's where people like myself and so many other folks dedicated to the wellness of the people we love, come into play. Failure, struggle and complete internal heartache have the power to either destroy us or provide us with the drive to thrive. What do you choose? Ask yourself, "What do I value? What's important to me? How do I authentically wish to feel?" Beauty and joy are two things that inspire my ambition and drive. What drives you?

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