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No, I don't expect for all of you to strap a rope around your waist and climb huge rock faces, this is just a happy reminder that holding yourself accountable to yourself is just like climbing a huge rock face that you either press to reach the top or set yourself up to fall. Everything we do during this human experience requires the tools and inspiration to excel and experience whatever it is that we deeply desire. Complacency and convenience are two valuable factors that we humans tend to incorporate into our daily lives that often sabotage us every day. Addiction to cravings, pleasure, ease and the tendency to check-out, begin to creep their nasty little ways into our daily lives without us even realizing it or the why behind the action. Before we know it, we're falling into a downward spiral of poor habits that eliminate our ability to safely climb to our desired destination or to reach the top in healthy happy ways.

Hello friends and family, it's been a long time. I've been passionately and diligently building on this space and my research for the past 3 years, working to place everything I've been observing, embracing, influencing and troubleshooting, in one amazing toolbox of Mind Mechanic resources and finally, I'm feeling solid about having everything necessary to continue growing this practice and providing you all with valuable resources that can and will change the way you live and experience this short-term human journey. My goal in developing this space has always been to generate and create healthier human connection while working to help eliminate some of the negative handicaps that many of us deal with on a regular basis due to the vastly different environments each one of us exist within.

It doesn't matter where we're from, how much wealth we possess, whether we have anything at all, our body and our mind IS our personal power, without the balance between both of them and working to protect and defend them from the intense influences that surround us each and every day we cannot and will not thrive in abundant ways mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and psychologically. We need one another, we need the support of love and compassion, we need authenticity and honesty regardless of how intense and unpleasant it may feel at times. "Life is but a dream, we can design it any way we wish, but we must actively participate, acknowledge and engage in those things that drive and inspire momentum in order to see and experience what is possible. We have to care."

I am working to put together the ultimate Mind Mechanic Wellness Program so please stay tuned. I've decided to completely flip up all the work I've done in the past due to a recent liver/gallbladder/parasite cleanse that I've recently been experimenting with that has completely shifted my world and my psychology-based work. Instead of doing one-on-one guidance from a generic, "Let's feel out what you have going on," I will be taking on a very direct guidance process starting with getting my clients to a healthier foundation and continuing to building from there. Why? "When people begin to SEE and FEEL actual change and possibility, it creates inspiration and the willingness to continue climbing to the top." When people begin to summit and to see what is possible, people become hopeful and happy. THAT is why I do what I do. This happiness and hope dominos onto others over and over again, it HEALS, that is my WHY.

Stay tuned!! I love you all.


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