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The Mental Toybox: Step One

Having the ability to silence the mind at any given moment or to enjoy the experience of peaceful mind wherever we roam is a gift. Racing mind often gets people into tricky pickles and situations that don't feel good. Not to mention, living with busy mind chatter is exhausting. Always listening to judgement, to-do lists, worries, insecurities, feeling resentment, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. "How does your mind sound on a daily basis?" Are you sleeping well? Is everything flowing smoothly within your relationships? Are you behaving with kindness and compassion? Are you respectful? Do you stop to listen to others, and regularly place yourself in other people's shoes? Busy mind chatter influences all of these things and so much more, it's important to be mindful every day and to practice nurturing peaceful mind.

As we round the corner into 2023, let's all strive to connect in meaningful ways. Let's listen to our inner kiddo more. Let's love, respect and trust ourselves in ways that allow us to give this same love, respect and trust to those who mean the most to us. Let's give the way we wish to receive and treat others the way we wish to be treated. We all hear these words often, it seems cliche, but it isn't. It's basic health and wellness beginning at our core.

"Enjoy 5 minutes of chill time."


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