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The Kiss

Some people are lucky to find the love of their life early on, to fall deeply in love and to share a lifetime of memories until their last breath. Some people never find true love, or perhaps just fail to recognize the depth of love shared between them and another person until it's too late. Many of us have had the pleasure of loving remarkable people throughout our lifetime, but never seem to align with our perfectly imperfect person, the person that willingly loves us as deeply as we willingly love them. In many tragic cases, some of us have had to endure physically losing our lover to death along this short journey. Whatever the case, there is nothing like the depth of love felt through a simple kiss.

Love is always painful, it's deciding who is worth the pain that makes it all worthwhile. What makes it worthwhile you ask? Have you ever aligned with someone in a way that connecting physically felt like melting into each other, like a cosmic explosion of never-ending bliss that made time stop? A feeling of pure gratitude, simply sharing time and space, enjoying the presence of someone's being, no words or actions necessary, just pure presence? Knowing someone sees you in an equally beautiful light and cherishes you as deeply as you cherish them is priceless, pure adoration and appreciation. There is nothing quite like the feeling of true love, whether it lasts or not, you will never forget it. Hopefully one day, all of us will be lucky enough to align with the one who authentically completes our complex puzzle.

What makes a great kiss? Many things. Vulnerability, honor, integrity, honesty, loyalty, attraction, communication, respect, authentic connection, compassion, kindness, willingness, consideration, the list goes on and on. People who feel one another, individuals that savor the moment and embrace the sensation of pure gratitude and pleasure, that's what makes a kiss so beautiful over and over again. That's what keeps people coming back for more; pleasure, peace, passion, partnership and a plethora of other things. Everything great that we can think of, when we think of those we love, creates the perfect kiss.

Tis' the season to love. To love ourselves and others with more attention to detail and respect, to feel confident in our solitude, to sincerely embrace the needs and desires of others outside of ourselves and to connect in meaningful ways each day. By considering all of these things we allow ourselves the opportunity to create the perfect kiss, to envision the person placing their lips upon ours and actually feeling the experience of having what we deeply desire, for as long as we wish to experience it. This is one of many ways we manifest and sustain what we sincerely wish to attract and keep; we rise to the occasion and become what we wish to attract and maintain. We stare our reflection deep within the eyes and ask ourselves if what we desire is what we too can provide.

Here's to all of the great kisses of our life and to those we wish to keep.

Much love, "Happy Valentine's Day."


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