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The Gift of Flexibility

Having the ability to do an impromptu backbend or leg splits at any given moment when we find ourselves face-first in an accident or crash, definitely has its benefits; we can prevent serious injury through regular flexibility practices. Equally valuable, when life takes its many detours, our ability to bend and to consistently ride the tide, instead of breaking down over things that are out of our control, is equally important. Why? Life isn't guaranteed, nor are the events that constantly take place during this mysterious adventure, we just continue to slip in and out of them regularly. When our default patterns ignite and begin to instantly fly through the roof pertaining to things that don't go our way, this is a perfect example of not being flexible. We have to start somewhere, "To bend is not to break."

Life doesn't always go as planned; some things tend to shift in minor ways while at other times the entire world seems to be upside down and inside out. How flexible are you? Do you bend well and tend to see the positives in things, do you view the situation as an additional option to create something new or improved? Or do you tend to flip out and make sure that everyone around you knows how upset and displeased you are or how the world is against you? Do you tend to then despise everyone around you and everything that follows? Do you project in hateful angry ways? Why do you choose to default in certain ways? Do you enjoy the feelings associated with your actions? Do your behaviors tend to nourish and maintain a positive mood or derail and discourage your happiness and the happiness of others?

The ability to bend is a great tool to keep in our back pocket, something that can be used every day. This single tool has the power to shift entire days, weeks, months and even years. Bending enables deeper flexibility, it allows us the opportunity to avoid displeasing emotional outbursts, disconnections and damaging circumstances that can often be avoided, simply by practicing mindfulness. By choosing how we wish to feel, having the ability to take a deep breath, exhaling, and learning to accept those things that we cannot change, evaluating what CAN be done, what IS actually taking place and then actively moving in the next best direction, we set ourselves up for more pleasing and successful experiences. This is how we begin to create more of what we want, and we avoid more of what we don't. Priceless.

Rest and rise well wonderful world.

Much love,



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