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Sorrow and Darkness

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

"What if the night sky was missing the moon?" When you opened your eyes this morning did you smile at yourself in the mirror and thank your lucky stars for waking up as yourself? Did it feel satisfying to start your daily routine, were there three little birds outside of your doorstep singing sweet songs of melodies pure and true? How did your daily perspective begin?

Joy is an experience that many people struggle to achieve on a regular basis, something that some folks have to work exceptionally hard to maintain. People who are unfulfilled, disappointed in themselves and their lives, those who struggle with unresolved trauma and personal issues, those who refuse to acknowledge their own behavior, reactions and responses to themselves and others, have a tendency to default to negativity, blame, living in a victim role consumed by negative internal dialogue as a habit without even realizing they do it. Who are you when you come home and remove the mask(s) that you wear for everyone in the outside world during the day? Who are you when the front doors of home sweet home close behind you, are you the same person? Do you love and appreciate that person? Do the people around you love and appreciate that person? Are you kind and considerate or do you lean towards selfishness in order to self soothe your hurt?

How many hats do you wear and how does it feel to be you; real you? Are you selective in giving kindness and consideration? Do you shut off like a light switch and tend to leave those who love you hanging with their heart blowing in the wind waiting for you to show up emotionally? What do you want? What do you truly desire in this life? What are you currently investing in yourself to achieve your deepest desires? How do you show up for yourself and those you love? Do you have a chip on your shoulder? Do you try to numb your pain without healing the hurt? How does that impact you and those you love?

Being a joyful creature is a blessing and a gift that should always be shared if and when it exists. Why? Kindness and the ability to show others compassion is intoxicating. A simple smile can mean the difference between life and death for someone in need. I'm confident that most all of us understand the feeling of spiraling into the depths of a hollow heart created by life plowing into us unexpectedly; the ache associated with learning how to cope. Trusting in ourselves and having love and appreciation for who we are as individuals tends to domino into the external world and onto those we love in powerful ways. How we show up for and trust ourselves is often how we show up for others, based on quality vs. quantity; it doesn't matter how often you show up for others if the quality and connectivity is hollow.

"Shine bright if you organically shine bright." Never allow anyone to dictate how you express your happiness, ever. I've had people judge my happiness and joy my entire life, "Your happiness is fake. You're too happy, your elation isn't real." What people don't understand is that gratitude varies from person to person and when people are grateful it can be for many reasons that generate great appreciation; things that other people may never understand. "Until we walk in other people's shoes, we have no right to tell others how to express their happiness towards life, things or people." Miserable, insecure, judgmental, resentful, spiteful, wounded people project. Ask yourself why you do what you do. Are you pleased with yourself and your own behavior, is it serving your highest good and enabling you in magnificent ways? If not, perhaps it's time for a change...

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