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Self-confidence and Happiness

2022 is in full motion, where we began, what we have invested in thus far and those things currently blossoming, replicating, are directly linked to us. Where is your focus this year? What have you decided to embrace and work to achieve, attract, release, develop and nurture? What are you currently manifesting and supporting at the moment that either does or does not serve your highest self? Are you on track or do you feel off track?

Currently, there are monumental transformations taking place around the world physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically and psychologically within each of us, regardless of where we are around the globe. Where each of us stand within ourselves and among others, often plays a defined role in our experiences and personal circumstantial outcomes pertaining to our individual mental wellness. How would you rate the way you currently fair within the current energetic shifts taking place all around you? Are you actively manifesting everything you deeply desire? Are you currently struggling within your own mind, body and soul due to your surrounding circumstances? How do you feel every day? It's important to pay attention to these details and to attend to them as they begin to surface in order to remain true to ourselves in meaningful ways.

One way I actively and effectively manifest, is diving into clear vision, knowing what I want, need and am responsible for creating and nurturing, then I participate in taking action. If I want to build, I have to submerge myself in the love of the build. Like anything in life that we want, we have to participate in doing the work to connect the dots. I encourage all of you to dive into those things that effectively get you closer to what you deeply desire, want and need this month. Take a step back to reflect on where you currently are within your life and whether this current space is where you deeply desire to be, how you wish to feel and whether what you regularly deal with is what you wish to invest time and energy on. Is it time for a change? Only you know that answer.

Enjoy your process, "Life is but a dream, make it count."

Much love,


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