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Self-Awareness Awakening

Where there is trust and belief, there too exists possibility. Every day is pretty extraordinary if you really think about it. Even just to open our eyes in the morning and to experience our organs and internal systems functioning, is pretty dang magical if you ask me. The most intricate and advanced factories on earth live right inside of us and we normally don't even realize it. Not until the factories begin to shut down, that is.

During our day-to-day regular activities, we experience countless sensory experiences of all types, we think and feel from dawn until dusk and ride a rollercoaster of both predictable and unpredictable external and internal stimulus every day. The way we perceive and process ourselves is often vastly different than the way we perceive and process the behavior of others, but it's all oddly connected and intertwined by one or many related elements. When we don't feel secure and confident on the inside, there tends to be negative disconnections that take place internally, that's where the downward spiral of negative internal dialogue and external projections onto others often begin to compound. Unnecessary division on several valuable levels of self-love and respect are impacted here. That being said, how would you rate the way you currently feel regarding your average day? 1 being exhausting and 10 being perfect. Then, please take a moment to rate your happiness and pleasure accounts, 1 being empty and 10 being completely full. Lastly, please take a moment to rate your participation in working to actively shift those things that are displeasing to you. The reason this is important to evaluate from time to time, is to assess whether we're on track or simply existing within the day. We could be going at 100 mph, achieving countless things, but feel deeply depleted simultaneously. We can also feel like we're on top of the world, actively manifesting and creating miracles left and right, THIS is what most people strive to achieve; the ability to simply feel good.

Feeling great on the inside begins with us. What we think and feel directly influences the journey we continue to walk. How we fuel ourselves either enables our organic gifts, skills and talents, or depletes us, which is why diving into our head game is so important. The balance between our internal and external reality, what we consume, who we surround ourselves with, what we are exposed to and where WE choose to place ourselves, is a fundamental balancing act that can either make us or break us in valuable ways.

When you can say, "I love my life," every morning, that's when you know you're doing things right. Taos, New Mexico is home. This is where I lay my head, where I connect to mother earth and everything that is and continues to flourish into being for me. My heart and soul get blown wide open on a regular basis here, this is where everything flows together in brutal synchronized harmony, as long as intentions and heart are present, willing and able to look closely within the mirror, everything aligns. When we begin to truly see ourselves for who we are, we then also have the luxury to see what we are truly capable of. Are you ready to dive into your absolute best self yet? It's not always easy, but I assure you, it's completely worth the adventure if you truly want it. See GUIDE ME for additional information on how I can shine a light for you to walk your chosen path.

Much love,


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