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Professional Liar

Why do you lie? Why do you look the ones you "love" straight in the eye, without hesitation, not a single blink to break the, "deer in headlights," look, and repeatedly lie without remorse or concern? Ahhh yes, because you haven't been caught, or have you?

Confidence peaks like Everest, regal and fierce, but oh how you crumble or erupt when your bluff is called and your clever hand is revealed. How do you disclose deep love and affection for one, while cradling such deep emotion for other things and people as if they are all equal? Because to you, they are. You love you. You strive to satisfy you. Your goal is you. You love deeply, but the shallow sits at the surface of your soul as you continue disregarding others while stroking yourself for pleasure. You shatter hearts like it's your job.

The Professional Liar is well seasoned, calculated, intelligent, a charming manipulator who thrives in spaces where love, affection and emotion are present. Those spaces where charm is the hook and sweetness is the buffer. "Let me look you in the eyes and play the role of sincerity, while I play you like an instrument. Oh I love this cake and how delicious it tastes. "

If you've ever loved or been in love with a well seasoned liar, you know this type of behavior and that it does not work in healthy, loving relationships. Healthy people do not treat the people they deeply love and respect this way. If you're beloved is not loving or respecting you the way you desire to be treated, it's up to you to set your boundaries. Communicate what you want and need in order to thrive together. If you settle, you've actively defined your self worth to yourself. "To love a liar or not to love a liar, that is the question." Love yourself. Love others equally. Be kind and compassionate, "You get what you give."

If you authentically love something or someone, but fail to stop lying to yourself, avoiding and ignoring the underlying issue(s) contributing to your damaging internal dialogue, you will continue to strike out and lose loved ones. "Use your words with those you love or risk losing them forever." Your disregard for the thoughts and feelings of others results in their disregard for yours, "Be the person you wish to attract as far as reciprocity is regarded. If you're a liar, you deserve a liar." If you want unconditional love, "Prove it. Be it."

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