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One of Many Reasons

Happiness. "Do what you love, love what you do." I love my work because it brings me joy, is it always peaches-n-cream, easy breezy taking life by the horns and facing the reality of what is and exists in the world, absolutely not, but doing the work allows us the opportunity to relax and release in beautiful ways due to the investment we're willing to put into ourselves, others and the quality of life we wish to create for ourselves and others.

Peaceful mind and body is the name of the game for me. I enjoy feeling good about myself, those I love and strangers alike. This life and the experience of living is a huge gift, perspective and what we think and feel influences so much of how the world and our relationships unfold around us. I do this work and dive head first into the uncomfortable because sitting back and appreciating this remarkable life that constantly circulates around us is so much more extraordinary when our self-awareness is on point and our mind is right.

I prefer to break down walls instead of building walls between each of us and to continue dreaming about possibility in order to create the change I wish to see in the world around me and within the relationships that I value. Every day is a fresh new day filled with possibility, every second is an opportunity to shift those things less desirable and to embrace those things we value the most. "There is freedom within, there is freedom without." - Crowded House

Here's to the beauty of today and our ability to continue supporting and encouraging those things and people we wish to experience more often. #jfdlovesplanet #jfdlovesmusic #jfdlovesart #peacefulmind

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