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Love and Life

Inspiration is found in many things large and small. Only love knows love, love feeds love. Love supports and inspires love. Those greatest loves, the love that takes our breath away is often created through reciprocity and willingness. Giving and sharing love with another living creature that wishes to feel, share and grow love equally, is key to generating deep love.

If you've ever been floored by the beauty and experience of deep love, ask yourself why? What form of love do you practice and provide to others? If you're amazed by the love in your life, more than likely you are a huge contributing factor. Keep in mind, "What you provide, kind and supportive love, influences others to share equally with you." Your behavior and the way you love often attracts the responses you attract and encourage around you. It is equally important to reflect on the lack of love and respect that you accept in your life; not being met in the middle and accepting abusive behavior instead.

There is always something that love can heal and encourage. Kindness and compassion attract and manifest magnificent things in all living organisms. "Be love in your own home and community. Take the time to think outside the box, to change your habits and routines to encourage different results if you are not satisfied with your current existence. Honor love, share love, inspire love and kindness. Devastation often originates from within ourselves and seeps into our external world, be aware of your internal dialogue and behavior. The way you think, respond and treat others is what you get back. "What goes around, comes around."

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