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Lost Love

"Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream." Are you old enough to remember this children's song? It's a simple little tune, one that doesn't seem to carry much complexity with its happy little melody and the common echo of multiple people joining in to cheerfully sing along, but when the lyrics of this pleasant little ditty are actually considered, it does carry quite a bit of substance. How? Rowing our boats merrily down the stream of life, realizing that one day we will all close our eyes and open them yet again to a completely different reality, does create somewhat of a dream state.

The story behind Medicine Man by Robert Mirabal is a beautiful tale of a man who played his flute for a woman he cared deeply for, they fell in love, but instead of being able to nurture that love, life had a different plan and carried him away on a short journey to defend his country. Once the man returned home, that hopeful love still deep within his heart, he discovered that the woman he loved had married another man, she was no longer available for him to love. He decided to press on by dedicating his love and life to his people and this journey, he became a medicine man. He never forgot his one love, the woman who lived deep within his heart, even as he transitioned into his next dream, she always remained within him.

Life is but a dream, always shifting in mysterious ways, us always at the wheel, but not always realizing our power or ability at the time. We often think we're in control, but truly more often than not, we have zero control. Life unfolds in beautiful and heartbreaking ways, it moves us to find inspiration in new ways, to find peace and closure in other pleasure and processing. Although we can't always forget what has been, we can always work to shift our perspective. Hold onto those things and people that are most meaningful to you, once they disappear, sometimes they truly do disappear. If you've never heard the story behind Medicine Man, please look it up, it could inspire you or someone you love in profound ways.


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