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Little Things That Inspire Attitude Adjustments

What do you normally do in your day to inspire yourself? Or do you? If you do have regular practices that trigger little bits-o-honey that sweeten your day, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Those little, but HUGE things you do for your own peace of mind that make a world of difference. If you used to take the time to insert little tid-bits of goodness into your day like wiping the toothpaste off your sink or making the bed, but seem to have forgotten, have become complacent or have completely disregarded them thinking they aren't really that important, "Womp, womp," happy reminder, "They are."

For me personally, I really enjoy making my bed. Why? Because I enjoy clean and visually stimulating spaces, but that's just me. It doesn't have to be lavish, it could be a thatch hut, I just prefer clean and cozy instead of chaotic and dirty. When my space is messy, I feel messy. Making my rest rocket is just one thing that I enjoy doing for myself to fill my own internal happiness cup; for those of you who do not regularly make your bed, try it for a week. See how it makes you feel, you might enjoy it and actually experience a slight shift in your daily mood.

Health and physical activity are also two very important factors included in my personal joy department. The more serotonin and dopamine production being pumped out, along with feeding, producing and sustaining healthy brain and body cells, the more functional my internal system is. The healthier my internal and external environments are, the healthier and happier my internal dialogue and joy factories run. This is one area that I need to dedicate more ample time harnessing while I build this business and cater to everyday life at the moment; business life is just that, busy, but adapting and balancing those things that are important to us do begin to slowly fall into place once daily routines align with the personal legacy we're all working to create.

As I've mentioned in many of the live Instagram talks I've done (please jump onto the IG train with the rest of us goons ), internal dialogue is one of the greatest gifts that humans were ever designed with. However, when we actively decline to participate each day to stimulate, inspire and nurture ourselves, we literally create huge handicaps for ourselves that eventually directly impact us and those people and things we adore the most due to negative internal dialogue consuming everything in it's path. I've recently started religiously playing my current favorite mind game, "Do the opposite." This game is so dang great, "It encourages us to step outside of our default boxes while also preventing laziness and complacency, depending on how you choose to play with it."

As you go through your day, everyday, anytime you find yourself about to do something that you know is lazy, complacent, half-assed or not serving the purpose of inspiring what you actually wish to attract more of in your life, to include an ideal partner; for those of you looking for love in all the wrong places, do the opposite of what you typically default to. It can be as simple as spilling something and leaving it. Typically you would just walk away, not today. Wipe it up. Notice how every time you clean up after yourself, your space feels cleaner, more comfortable, you might even inspire new friends to hang out more often, if you wish. Noisily and messily chewing with your mouth open? Go ahead and proudly close that bad boy up ladies and gents, "Today is a fresh new day of possibility. The world is your oyster, manifest what you want to attract." Break old cycles and instead begin disciplining yourself to invest in things that contribute to your best self. You might really enjoy it.

There are a million different ways to make substantial deposits into our personal wellness accounts, but we have to 1st find value and pleasure in doing the work and also recognize when our personal accounts are running low so we can replenish them. There is nothing more refreshing than the feeling of having an abundantly full happiness account and continuing to add to our reservoir in every possible way. Actively taking the time to shift little things in our lives, enables us to actually shift huge things that have the potential to satisfy so many of our basic needs and desires. It starts right here, directly with us.

Enjoy your Tuesday ya'll. Shine on.

Much love,


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