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Identity : Day 4

While I dive into compiling valuable and messy content for this first book, I shine from the inside out. As I tap into my love for Shel Silverstein and everything he meant to me as a small girl, I fall deeper in love with the value contained within this work; taking the time to pick apart the rich meat and potatoes of life that most people try to avoid like the plague or just simply end up crashing and burning from.

When we shine on the inside, we tend to shine bright, but what happens when we hit a wall during those unforeseen moments that feel like they could last a lifetime? Who do we become during the celebrations and struggles of our life? Do we love and respect that person or the people we morph into? How long do we embrace those personalities and why? Have you ever stepped outside of yourself for a moment to authentically dive into your spiritual side or the side of you that sincerely feels at peace and or joyful; to truly reflect on who you authentically are and or wish to be? Do you know what true joy feels like? Do you find comfort and peace in suffering and sadness? Most of us DO find a sense of pleasure or relief in processing pain, for a moment. However, it is important to truly reflect on what we deeply desire, as a whole, in order to move past those moments of despair; if wallowing is not part of the grand scheme of things.

As you move through some of these exercises, exploring this online playground of not so serious, serious content, fun little DIY tasks to help you better engage you with yourself as you wish, at your own pace, take it seriously. Ask yourself, "Why am I doing this self reflection? What's the point? What do I wish to gain from this mental toybox?" Passion. THAT, should be your answer:

"The reason I'm thinking about this and taking the time for myself is because I deeply desire change. Permanent change. Not repetitive sessions with someone that we discuss the same things repeatedly, with little improvement, but instead actually diving into my own shit so I can create my own masterpiece life, to actually begin feeling happiness and pleasure in everything I do. Regardless of the unforeseen trash that sometimes gets dropped right before my eyes."

That my friends, is the goal. Let's open you up, disrupt those things, patterns and behaviors that are defeating you and instead get you to where you want to be in a fun and effective way that inspires you positively, instead of inspiring you to feel broken. I'm like the OzWonka of mental mechanics. I'm simply an engineer of beautiful things tackling light and dark matter that dance a synchronized dance that isn't always easy to swallow, but always chock-full of possibility. Let me turn on the light so you can find your way.

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