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Heartache : Day 5

"Crumbling from the inside out, stakes piercing through my heart, that's what it feels like sitting here in the dark." Have you ever felt heartache? Authentic sorrow day after day or in a moment of sudden earth shattering devastation? Do you know the experience of feeling like you're shattering into a million tiny pieces at the mere understanding that something will never be the same again? Have you lived many lives of repetitive criticism from loved ones who break your spirit day after day by the things they say and or do? How do you wrap your head and heart around those moments or do you?

Life has a funny way of presenting education through experience, some exquisitely stunning and uplifting moments and some extremely disturbing jolts of displeasure and discomfort. Processing these moments as they transpire is valuable and healthy to better clarify our pleasure and pain centers. Taking the time to ground into the experience(s) to better understand how these moments inspire us to feel then assessing what we need in those moments to work through the experience, is some of the best medicine we can offer ourselves. How long do we require to move through these moments, how do these experiences inspire us to behave and what do we authentically want to feel in the end? The process of assessing and clarifying experience runs deep in order to move through the motion and to take action to cope and address the cards that life deals in order to find closure and press forward.

Perspective is one of the most important tools you have within your mental toybox, it can and will make or break you. Knowing what we ultimately desire and how we truly wish to feel, regardless of circumstance, is the key to successfully moving through the trenches, trials and tribulations of our magnificent journey here on planet earth. So what does that mean? It means that when the shit hits the fan, you bob and weave so not to get hit in the face and if you do, you wipe your eyes and get cleaned up so you can get back to YOU. Life can be pretty gritty and gnarly at times, but if we allow it to crush us along the way, it will continue to crush us; we voluntarily give up and lay down to continue being walked on by anyone and or anything that cares zero about us as individuals. It is up to each one of us to know and to remember who we are as individuals and to fight for ourselves and those we love. What makes us tick, smile, shine and continue to fight for. What inspires us to continue living for those things we deeply desire. Life and circumstances are a powerful force to be reckoned with, but so are we.

"I am resilient. I am deep love and passion. My soul is gorgeous and it shines bright. I am strength and kindness. I release these tears for you and thank you for reminding me of what it is to feel. Thank you for showing me how I would never choose to behave. I love you, but I love myself more. I recognize my health & happiness as being #1, I stand in my self-worth to bring myself back to forgiveness. I surrender to "having" control. I embrace my priorities and dreams as the tools that build the bridge to access my masterpiece reality."

Life and people will break us if we allow them the power to do so. Remember who you are and how you authentically wish to feel. Know your core strength and joy. If you're currently working to create strength and joy, envision what it is that you deeply WANT to feel. Actively CHOOSING to step away from the pain is the only way to get to our desired pleasure. If wallowing in pain and suffering is the choice we actively take, making excuses, pain and suffering will continue to manifest all around us because that is the seat we choose to sit in. Remembering our organic core happiness, who we authentically are outside of all other things, people and circumstances, or what we WISH to newly learn and develop, MAKING the time to nurture what we wish to thrive in, IS how we bridge the gap. "We have to want it."

Please also remember to take a moment to consider what other people may be going through. Step outside of yourself, walk in someone else's shoes occasionally, stop assuming and projecting onto others based on your own personal pain, and instead work to understand both sides to every coin. Being jaded and only choosing to see your story without listening or being willing to better understand the full spectrum of each experience will normally always create divide. Poor behavior does not get a free pass, but trying to understand where it stems from can be exceptionally valuable in making valuable decisions.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

- Albert Einstein

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