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Be Fearless

Please stop judging yourselves. Instead, embrace who you genuinely are or actively strive to be. Seek those things that bring you joy; those beautiful people, places and things that keep you inspired and driven in the most basic and monumental ways. Let your smile shine like the stars hanging in the sky and your tears flow free like a raging river when a dam breaks. Fall down, pick yourself up, but keep pressing on, even when you really want to say, "Fuck off," with a crisp and snappy k. Continue to learn and grow from the bizarre abundance contained within heartache and happiness. If you don't love something, change it. If you're on top of the world, keep exploring. If you ache like a hollow heart or glow like a street lamp, "Continue to be aware of the NOW contained within everything." Stay present and always inquire about what you don't understand.

Freedom = Perspective. Perspective = Freedom. Choose to love yourself and the people that compliment the best pieces of you, First. Nurture them and enjoy the process that you create. Regardless of time or distance, love them. Meet them in the middle, pick up where you left off, but keep it easy. Kind. If you want it, prove it. If it makes you happy, nurture it. If you love it, respect it. Trust. Honesty. Vulnerability. "Just Do It."

"I'm far from perfect and I'm okay with that. I'm someone else's perfect and that's perfect for me."

The - Mind - Mechanic

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