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Anticipation Interrupted

The day was quickly leading into an evening of spending time with the one I adore, the person I want nothing more than to connect with lovingly, honestly, openly, deeply and with healthy perspective, I was elated with great anticipation. I was looking forward to spending time together within a room filled with flickering candlelight, a comfortable shavasana/savasana cradling my lover and I into a state of peaceful mind and cohesive energy flowing between us, but before I knew it, we were again at each other's throats in two different rooms after assumptions, insecurity and forked tongues killed another potentially loving opportunity. Why? How can we cherish one another so deeply, but continue to slay one another minute after precious minute? We can never get that time back, our beautiful memories continue to be robbed from us by our inability to dial in our poor behavior, reactions and responses towards ourselves and our loved one(s).

- Case Study "You Are My World" : Session Two

This couple deeply loves one another, but their fear of their past, their individual childhood and their adult history, continues to haunt them presently. They are currently showing up for one another in the most vulnerable and honest ways they've ever shown up for one another and themselves before. Why? They wish for a fresh start, they willingly want to share pleasure over pain with one another again. This couple wants to remember exactly why they are still so committed to each other, even after 12 years of partnership; they want to evolve together and to build bridges instead of avoiding the issues because they realize that by running away and starting a new relationship, that the underlying issues still exist. They understand that the fractures that presently exist will continue to erode away at the foundation of every relationship either one of them dive into with others, unless these issues are attended to in meaningful ways.

What are you so afraid of? What are you trying to control? These two things and the way we as individuals consider these valuable questions, are two of the most important questions a person can ask themselves. If you or someone you love is interested in my LOVE ME WELL. LOVE YOU WELL. sessions, please visit the GUIDE ME link for additional information. I will be opening up four more slots for consideration, each session is 60 minutes at $60 per hour. Session one will be introductory, to determine whether we are a good fit to work together. After that, I recommend investing in 5 sessions to dive into the meat & potatoes of where you stand in your relationship, at that point you can decide how you wish to progress.

Both participating parties must be 100% willing to be honest, vulnerable and willing to do the work required of them otherwise it's a waste of my time and yours. I am not a therapist, I am a guide. I am here to flip on the light for each of you to find your own way, to spread your wings and to fly on; not create a lifelong crutch for poor behavior to linger. People seek what I offer because they're ready for change. I want you to absorb these tools and the ability to learn so you have the ability to thrive in every way you wish with everyone you love. We all need little refreshers from time to time, that is what I offer. I am here to educate people on their highest potential and to support their own self-awareness. It's your choice, I'm like a beacon in the night, here to support your journey, you can either choose to follow the light, or continue sailing through the dark.

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