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A Love Like This

Everyone deserves to feel a love like this, to share a common dream and to find pleasure in merely standing beside the person they cherish more than this world.

When you dream, how big do you dream? When you imagine how deeply you're capable of feeling and how deeply someone else is capable of feeling for you, does it feel like the universe colliding into an explosion of stardust that dances forever beyond everything you could ever fathom? I dive into a stunning sea of universe every night when I close my eyes. The thought of one day aligning with the one who blows my mind and adores me beyond human heartbeat and breath never gets old. As we age, we all hopefully become very clear on what we want and need to live our most inspiring and highest quality life by authentically honoring and knowing ourselves.

We all weave in and out of traffic during this lifetime, dodging accidents, detailing and cleaning up the messes created by wear and tear. We maintain our balance to keep ourselves running at optimal performance levels and hopefully over the years, we become very familiar with the machine that is us as a whole. We learn what keeps us running smoothly, what boosts our performance, when we need to be serviced... It's great, familiarity. This clarity and confidence prevents us from making decisions that will eventually break us down over time.

Life is an extraordinary adventure that presents itself like a huge layered cake that doesn't always reveal the flavor of each layer immediately. Everyone's journey is different, each moment unveiling new mysteries and experiences second after second. The best things in life begin within us, here is where we sculpt what we desire externally in order to manifest and attract what we deeply desire as a whole. I've waited a lifetime to discover what dancing in stardust with my equal feels like, I've continued to nurture my machine in the most meaningful ways, but most importantly, I continue to love life.

There is no rush, we align as we are intended and for whatever reasons we were created. Perhaps stardust is not in my human experience, perhaps timing has other plans for my agenda, whatever happens in this life, I trust. I trust in my creator that all things are as they are intended and that by following my heart and intuition that I am precisely where I'm suppose to be with those I'm intended to be with each day. This is where stardust transpires, from beginning to end. everything else that aligns is just icing on the cake.

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