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JFD Convenience Clutch

JFD Convenience Clutch

SKU: CCgolddiam

"When I go places I don't love carrying a bunch of items that require constant babysitting.  I prefer to put something on and go, knowing it's right there as I need it.  That's why I designed this open-angled clutch.  Simplicity and convenience made well."


+ Comfortable & convenient 


+ Functional hands-free portable storage

(Ie. keys / phone / mask / sunglasses)


+ 95% repurposed designer textiles


+ 4-4.5" wrist loop / 4 x 5" pocket / 3.5 x 6" pocket


+ 20% of all sales will be invested in an exciting upcoming community skill-building and happiness production project based out of Taos, New Mexico, currently in the planning phase.


**For additional information, investment opportunities and business partnerships, please email me directly.


"Eco-Friendly Functional Lifestyle Accessories"


    "Grab what you need and let's roll."

    Keys, mask and phone in hand, shades on your face and a small tote to toss it all together and go.  I like it quick and convenient, that's why these little wrist totes are perfect.  Durable and comfortable carrying of your essential items without the hassle.

    * Hand wash cold if required for upkeep / Lay flat to dry

    * Dogs located on site at sewing facility / Anaphylactic allergies


    ** Due to current Covid-19 pandemic conditions ALL SALES ARE FINAL


    Domestic US orders only : PRIORITY

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