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Mind Mechanics 101 : Couples

These sessions are designed to guide those couples who deeply love one another, who are willing to show up for one another with 110% authenticity and honest communication, to take a good look in the mirror and openly own their individual behavior and the roles impacting their relationship. This work is important because individuals who care enough to manifest what they deeply desire, what they wish to feel and share, directly influence and inspire multiple others in equally positive ways.

There are many people existing in similar situations around the world that do not speak about those things taking place behind closed doors, these unspoken things are depleting people in extremely harmful ways to include declining physical health, wellness, inspiration and self confidence. My goal is to transform as many perspectives as possible to give the gift that keeps on giving, "Love, happiness and kindness." I will be documenting and evaluating each session to not only guide each couple in healthier directions to help rebuild a solid foundation, but also to publish each case anonymously in a book that I'm currently working on to help guide other couples on their path to healthier relationships.

If this is something you and your beloved are ready and willing to participate in, let me know and we can discuss further details. Each session is 60 minutes at $60HR. You choose how deep you wish to go with one another. "I'm not here to judge, I'm here to support others to succeed in loving the ones they love in healthier ways." PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY AT DRINA@THE-MIND-MECHANIC.COM TO DETERMINE ELIGIBILITY.

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